Helping bats

Bats need two things - somewhere to feed and somewhere to roost. You can help them by making your garden bat friendly and building a bat box to provide them with somewhere to roost.

Bat gardening
Bats eat insects like moths, midges and beetles. If you make your garden attractive to these insects, you will encourage bats to visit.

Moths are active at night and feed on the nectar from flowers. So grow flowers that are fragrant at night like summer flowering, tobacco plants (especially N sylvestris), honeysuckle, evening Primrose, sweet rocket and night-scented Stock. click here for a longer list

Moth caterpillars also need plants to munch on, so grow a range of native wildflowers like valerian, mullein, foxglove, primrose and thyme. Hedge plans like hawthorn and blackthorn and fruit trees like apple, pear and plum are also very attractive to moth caterpillars. Click here for a longer list

Midges and mayflies start their lives as little bugs in ponds. If you make a wildlife pond and grow lots of marshland plants around the edge, this will encourage them. For details on how to make a wildlife pond click here.

Beetles often live among leaves and timber. A quiet corner of your garden where you leave logs and leaves to linger will be perfect for them.

Bat homes
It is easy to provide a ready made place for bats to roost by making a bat box. Download our instruction sheet here.

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